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You may have read the recent press releases about Fish O Mania 2016 changing its format and increasing the number of qualifiers to 32 Anglers over 28 qualifying venues throughout the country. The event will also feature a Semi Final Day on the Friday before the event where the top 16 will move into the Grand Final. The prize money has also been increased to £50,000.

In reaction to this and due to public demand, Cudmore Fisheries have decided to offer Traders and Manufacturers pitches over the weekend for a one off reservation/booking fee of just £75.00. This charge is only to cover arrangement cost and ensure people have booked early. Pitch sizes will be allocated on a first come, first served basis so if you would like to attend and need a specific size, you can do this by e-mailing Please provide your full details including phone numbers where we will call and discuss the options.

Why are we doing this? It’s easy to explain. Each year we ask for feedback from anglers and attendees and the major thing people are looking for is more to do on the day whilst taking time out from the main event. They want more retailers offering exclusive deals not available from the shops directly, more tackle to view from the manufacturers and demonstrations from well-known anglers. Also, competitions and things to participate in.

We are hoping that by virtually offering these positions at the event for free (£75 Reservation/ booking fee applies) retailers and manufacturers will sign up early and also be generous enough to donate prizes for some of the competitions that we intend to run on the Grand Final Day. A charitable donation will be made from the money raised through the competitions over the weekend.



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