Vanarama Fish’O’Mania XXIV Peg Draw

The draw for the 24th annual Vanarama Fish‘O’Mania has been made at Cudmore Fisheries ahead of Saturday’s ‘FA Cup of Fishing’ extravaganza in Staffordshire.

Vanarama Fish‘O’Mania XXIV PEG DRAW

1. Lee Bennett
2. Andy Power
3. Bob Giles
4. Andy Adams
5. Jason Collins
6. Chris Weeder
7. Jamie Hughes
8. Steve Jackson
9. Paul Blinkhorn
10. Stephen Openshaw
11. Adam Richards
12. Jason Redgrave
13. Tony Curd
14. Ross Harold
15. Steve Cooke
16. Steven Hamilton
17. Will Raison
18. Ben Sharp
19. Keith Pentland
20. Dave Roberts
21. Lee Kerry
22. Markus Billen
23. Steve Barraclough
24. Colin Scott
25. Richard Chapman

Vanarama Fish’O’Mania Ladies Peg Draw:
Fished on Suez Canal pegs 36-26 (with peg 1 being 36 and peg 6 being 26)

  1. Wendy Locker
  2. Kayleigh Smith
  3. Deana Wood
  4. Helen Dagnall
  5. Heather Dewey
  6. Sophie Hill

Vanarama Fish’O’Mania Juniors Peg Draw:
(fished on Suez Canal pegs 4-14)

  1. Will McCranor
  2. Danny Slack
  3. Kristian Jones
  4. Jordan Holloway
  5. Sam Collett
  6. Yestyn Sephton

Entry to Cudmore Fisheries is free of charge, with car parking costing £10. Vanarama Fish‘O’Mania will be broadcast live on Sky Sports 3 from midday.



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