Taylor Is Ladies Champion

Sarah Taylor of the Wirral won Fish‘O’Mania Ladies on her FishO debut. The 18-year-old had a total catch weigh of 18.5kg, made up of predominantly skimmers, to see off the challenge of Linda Abbott and win £1,000.

“I have watched Fish‘O’Mania as I have been growing up and I have always thought I’d love to compete in it, so to win is something else, it’s unbelievable,” said Taylor.

“I mostly fished 30meters on the deck fishing for skimmers, because I had a feeling the carp wouldn’t feed. I ended up with 18kg of them so it has been a decent day. I always felt like I was on track but I wasn’t necessarily sure how the other pegs were going to perform. You never feel safe because the carp could suddenly switch on.”

Fish‘O’Mania Ladies Results
Sarah Taylor – 18.500kg Peg 5
Julie Abbott – 12kg Peg 2
Samantha Sim – 8.525kg Peg 1
Gemma Matthews – 3.250kg Peg 3
Emma Drysdale – 0.325kg Peg 4
Linda Billington – 0.300kg Peg 6