Hull nets top spot at Larford Lakes Fish ‘O’ Mania qualifier

The latest Fish ‘O’ Mania qualifying match was fished at the fabulous Larford Lakes complex, Stourport-on-Severn on Wednesday 9th May 2018.

Once again massive changes in the weather were instrumental in suppressing catches. After producing some tremendous 300lbs plus nets only the previous weekend Larford proved a hard nut to crack for many in this much awaited qualifier. That said there were 8 weights in excess of 100lbs and a number of very strong backing weights.

Each of the three lakes produced a top three place and specimen, in particular, gave some anglers a few hairy moments whilst playing fish over 20lbs. Many anglers also ended the day totally frustrated after losing so many, often large fish. As the final whistle sounded it was not absolutely obvious who would turn out to be the winner, although in the end Fisho regular Richie Hull from Bedworth had over 30lbs to spare. Drawn on Match Lake peg 2 Richie caught steadily throughout the day to record an impressive 155lbs 14ozs with his best fish around 8lbs . He used banded 6mm and 8mm pellets hard on the deck .

Runner up was Hinckley angler Sam Brown at peg 88 on Specimen pool. Fishing meat short for most of the day Sam caught some huge carp to 16lbs to amass 122lbs 15ozs. Third from Arena 20 was Gary Donachie who also fished meat on a short line for a total of 115lbs 8ozs. Jamie Reed took fourth with 112lbs 7ozs from Specimen Pool 12 just 1 fish clear of Brent Richards who totalled 109lbs 13ozs for fifth from Arena 13.

The Angling Trust would like to offer their appreciation and thanks to Phil Briscoe and his team for being such good hosts and to David Kent for all his hard work as the organiser on the day.

The next Fish ‘O’ Mania qualifier heads to Tunnel Barn Farm, Shrewley, Warwick on Saturday 12th May. There will be some tickets available on spec on the day.

Further tickets can be purchased for all other qualifiers at the Angling Trust booking sit.


1. Richie Hull 155lbs 14oz
2. Sam Brown 122lbs 15oz
3. Gary Donachie 115lbs 8oz
4. Jamie Reed 112lbs 7oz
5. Brent Richards 109lbs 13oz